KLOUDLE Cloud Security Glossary

The main idea of this glossary is to serve as a quick reference for keywords mentioned in the rest of the documentation. This glossary neither strives to be a complete cloud security reference nor does it try to go in-depth.

Glossary of Keywords

Asset (Cloud)

An asset is something that you create, configure, start in your cloud account.

Examples of assets include an AWS S3 Bucket you create, An EC2 server you start, An IAM user you create.

Assets have properties that can be configured. Some of these properties are misconfigured, they may lead to security misconfigurations.

Billable Asset (Cloud)

An asset that is counted towards the total in your cloud account. All the assets that Kloudle will enumerate configuration for are usually counted towards the total.


On the internet people who are actively trying to attack your systems, networks, users. Attackers are always looking to exploit weaknesses caused due to security misconfigs.

Some may refer to them as hackers as well.


See Asset


Misconfigurations in a cloud account usually refer to properties of assets that when configured incorrectly cause security weaknesses. Attackers

Security Policy

Security Process


Enforcing Policies



See misconfigurations

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